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You should deploy systems that support your members today and in the future, improving their experience, increase staff productivity, keep you square with the regulators, all while increasing your ROA/ROI

Running the technology in your bank or credit union would be as if you were The Flying Wallendas-trapeze artists performing without a safety net. There are many aspects to consider to pull it off. But you can do so safely by choosing wisely your technology and planing carefully.

You should deploy systems that support your members today and in the future, improving their experience, increase staff productivity, and keep you square with the regulators.

Every day you face rapidly changing technology and legacy systems and how to make them work together. I can help augment your team and bring an outside specialist insight

Technology assessment

The technology assessment ensures that you’re not wasting money on software no one uses or that’s duplicated by other systems. I will catalog the systems and applications in every department and report back to you.

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Questions we answer with the assessment:

  • Are multiple vendors/systems performing the same function?
  • Is there overlapping technology
  • Can another system perform the same function
  • Cost of each
  • Are we paying for apps no one uses

Typically the cost savings found is greater than the service fee.

Application evaluation and selection

If you’re considering a new application or system,  I sit next to you and your team to evaluate vendors and compare features. Just when you think you have it nailed down, some new app comes along. How does it work with you current systems?

Workflow Analysis and SOP Review

Does each department maximize workflow? Often systems and applications force clunky steps that waste time and effort. We review step by step use of applications to streamline your operation. A mortgage may require 3 weeks and 27 steps... or not.

Virtual Branch Strategies

How much virtual branching should you embrace? Not everyone wants a 100% technology experience. Success demands the right mix of human touch and technology that fits your users. Brick & Mortar branches maybe just a permanent billboard... or a huge revenue generator. Let's help you find out.

Social media reach and effectiveness evaluation

Your social media efforts may be a huge success or a flop. We help you objectively evaluate what's working and what isn't. Facebook is waning, Instagram growing, and Snapchat expanding...what does that mean to you?

Maintenance Contract Fee Review

We evaluate your software and hardware maintenance agreements for potential cost reduction or even elimination.  Do you really need to pay for 10 fax lines? Mabye...

Core systems


Core processing for banks and credit unions is a bit like baseball (pardon the sports metaphor) with 2 major leagues, a bunch of minor leagues (who often feed the bigs), and grundle of farm teams. Then there are start ups to keep everyone on their toes.

Does your credit union or bank need a Yankees system and Yankees price? Maybe. I can help you find out and even get you a Yankee system and a farm team price if that's the best for you. 

Rumsfeld - DOD Chief under President George 'W Bush

Rumsfeld - DOD Chief under President George 'W Bush

But first and Foremost,  we must run a core system scorecard called  the Rumsfeld Gambit. First we audit what you've got, it's costs and unused parts. Next we count up the hard costs. New software,hardware, integration, training, etc and the soft costs like overtime, under budget licenses, extra hardware and comm costs, overtime, and most fri   so you can see in cold, stark numbers the hard and soft dollar cost of such a move. And when it comes to core systems, we audit their functionality making sure you’re squeezing out everything you can.

Then we make the case using the Rumsfeld Gambit. We break the interrogatory in to three parts. 1- the known knowns. 2- The known unknowns, and finally, 3- the unknown unknowns. From these elements we build a matrix the gives pro-con arguments for a new core leading to GO=NO GO decision.

emerging technologies

I  keep you up to date about how emerging technologies that will affect your credit union. Current leading trends including things like:

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • 30 minute mortgage, start to finish claimed by Lenda
  • faster speeds for mobile usage and apps
  • Total 'virtual branch'
  • Biometrics
  • IoT (internet of things)
  • Blockchain

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