Beautiful imagery enhances your message by evoking emotions. Coppermoon works with talented photographers to paint with light your picture.  Our site uses photos from these artists on our site with permission.

scott law.jpg

Immersed in photography for over 50 years. Born and raised in northern Utah but traveled the United States and the World in a career in the U.S. Army spanning nearly 30 years. Being an extremely visual person my goal is to find beauty, capture and share it.

robyn adamson.jpg

Jeff Randall, AWA Engineering by Robyn Adamson

Photographic services for acting and professional headshots, fashion, families and weddings. Film and video services including cinematography, directing, producing, gaffing, writing and creative conceptualization. Design for websites and printed materials. Talent services such as acting for film and commercial and voice over.

shaun nelson.jpg

Rod Garlick as George Lucas by Shaun Nelson

Fourteen years and eight cameras have passed since he snapped that first photo. As an active photographer, Shaun has shot everything from wildlife and landscapes to sporting events and portraits. He’s enjoyed several types of photography, but in the last five years has focused on portraits, “because it’s very rewarding to capture the style, expression and emotion of people.”