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A successful sales and marketing campaign has many moving parts. A CRM that stores your vital prospect and customer data. Brilliant creative that speaks to the target audience. A strong message and call to action. Planning and timing of your campaign with a strategy to track your actions and results. But there’s a missing piece. Insights into people’s preferences. Who has an interest in your brand and product? What are their personality traits? And how do they prefer to be contacted? Your team could spend two or three hours per person, manually researching the web for everyone in your CRM. Or you could let Wrench.AI do the work for you. Wrench scans the web for public information, matches their affinity to your product, evaluates the data, then scores each person to help you build an understanding relationship. All automatically integrated into your CRM. Wrench turns the gears to align your messaging strategy, product affinity, personality targets, and communication channels and to exponentially increase your response and results. Turn on your customer and prospect insights today by starting your free trial at Wrenc.AI Start your free trial today at Wrench.AI to see insights into your customers and prospects that you’ve never seen before.

Can video marketing boost loan bookings and attract new members or customers?

If you use social media to promote your products and services, video can influence more than photos, articles or infographics. Nothing persuades like video. It taps into our emotions and clearly explains things we don’t understand.  It’s no surprise that YouTube is the most popular social media site, ahead of Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Those platforms now promote video over all other content, playing catch-up to YouTube. 

Today we carry a video production studio in the palm of our hand. But it’s a two-edged sword. We can strengthen our brand or do irreparable damage. There are three types of video postings that can help, or hurt your organization. I call them “The good, the bad and the ugly”. Let’s talk about ‘good’ marketing video.

Compelling instructional videos encourages adoption of your products and services.  Effective videos follow these three guidelines. 

  1. It’s about useful information in a documentary style, not an advertisement. Topics like “Why shouldn’t I finance my car at the dealership?” or “Mrs Jones got a business loan from us now look at her new shop!”. This can promote your members or customers’ businesses, while driving new loans and accounts. What are the most frequent questions you’re asked? That’s where to start for material.

  2. Use your own staff and members or customers in the video, not actors. This brings confidence and authenticity. Additionally it increases the likelihood of being shared on social media by everyone involved. Don’t do a stuffy boardroom commercial. Get out of the office and into the field.

  3. Professional production values. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your video but it must look professional and polished.

And keep it short! 60 seconds is best but 2-3 minutes is maximum.

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Selecting the right technology to inform then deliver your products and services

How your systems and applications work together represents the most significant technology challenge you face. Crucial to member service and regulator compliance is vendor selection. And that's where we help.  

We go to bat for you and your team making a cold-blooded, Vulcan like vendor assessment so you can choose what's best for your credit union.

We don't sell or recommend any vendor or solution.

We help you with vendor evaluation of:

  • Core processor

  • Mortgage origination or servicing system

  • Direct or indirect lending platform

  • Commercial lending applications

  • Imaging and document management

  • Online/mobile banking

  • Card services vendor

  • CRM and sales automation

  • Website

  • Mobile apps

  • The impact of new fintech such as blockchain and robotic process automation

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