having trouble juggling technology?

Everyday you face questions about your technology.

  •  Are using the best core system for our needs?
  •  Do we have systems that no one uses that costs us annual maintenance?
  •  Can we better leverage mobile technology?
  •  Do we fully benefit from social media?
  •  Do our lending workflows really work?

We assess how technology impacts everyone of your users, both inside and outside of your credit union or community bank.

We help you deal with:

  •  Should we go or should we stay? Core system evaluation and selection.
  •  Are there better/faster/easier lending systems out there? Application/system evaluation and due diligence.
  •  How do do it? Implementation & project management.
  •  R2D2 plugging into the Death Star seems easier. Integration with internal and external systems.
  • Helping people fulfill their dreams. Mortgage, direct, and indirect lending systems.
  • The virtual branch in my pocket? Website and mobile app development
  • CRM and sales
  • Emerging technologies

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